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Banding tapes PP and PET

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Tapes PP and PET

Are you planning to carry a heavy load, but you do not know how to effectively protect it from damage during transport? We can propose an effective and satisfactory solution. The PP and PET strapping straps made by our company are used to secure products on pallets and boxes. They are used both in manual and automatic packaging. The tapes are made of high-quality materials - polypropylene and polyester.

The quality of the PP and PET strapping tapes produced by us is due, among other things, to our modern machinery and many years of experience in the plastics industry.

We offer tapes with a width of 5 mm to 19 mm of various thickness. You can also purchase special devices and accessories that greatly facilitate the packaging and strapping of products using PP and PET tapes. These include, among others:

  • retractable clasps
  • clamping tensioners
  • corner clasps
  • clasps

Wire clasps, sheet metal clasps and welding are most often used to connect the tapes.

a practical way of securing products

PP and PET strapping tapes are used primarily for manual and machine strapping of loads. They are very practical and their use is not difficult. The materials they are made of make the tapes extremely durable. Thanks to this, similarly to cardboard packaging, decorative tubes effectively protect the transported products against damage. In addition, they are characterized by excellent resistance to UV radiation, which allows you to store materials protected with them outside. Their durability means that they are mainly used in the furniture, wood and packaging industries. They are also used for packing building materials: paving stones, stone or ceramic tiles.

Good quality of our tapes and affordable prices contributed to the fact that many customers decided to buy them. Do not hesitate and join them!

siatka rolnicza