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Polyethylene thermoplastic HDPE

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folia polietylenowa
high-quality material

The HDPE polyethylene film that we produce in our company is made of high-quality plastic. It is characterized by high density and stiffness. We have many years of experience in the production of such products. That is why we provide our clients only with the highest quality products characterized by high mechanical strength. All the materials we manufacture have the necessary approvals and certificates confirming their safe use. We produce HDPE polyethylene films on an extruder from the Italian company Macchi with a sleeve width up to 1600 mm.

What is HDPE polyethylene film?

The abbreviation HDPE comes from the English term "high density polyethylene" which means high density polyethylene having a value from 0.94 to 0.96 g / cm3. This range makes the HDPE film denser than other polyethylene films and much harder than them. What's more, it is characterized by exceptional tear resistance. The use of this type of polyethylene means that the films we offer:

  • are extremely durable,
  • show great protective properties,
  • they are impermeable to gases and pollutants,
  • They are resistant to water vapor and salt.

HDPE foil is an inert material because it does not react with any substances. Thanks to its properties, it is a completely safe packaging in terms of sanitary and epidemiology. In addition, our HDPE polyethylene film melts at a temperature of 125 ° C, which is higher than most other films.

As in the case of PP and PET strapping tapes, low price is also important. The great advantage of our HDPE polyethylene film is also the fact that it can be colored in any color. It is easily recognizable by its matte, almost milk-white structure that rustles to the touch. It allows you to hide stored products. The above properties make the films very popular among producers for a reason.

folia polietylenowa


HDPE polyethylene film is an extremely versatile product and used in many industries, e.g. in the food industry . Packaging made of this material is also often used in the construction and chemical industries. HDPE foil is primarily used for the production of various packaging, including for storing food, because it is a non-toxic material.

In addition, it is made of:

This material is also used for the production of utility products, medical and pharmaceutical products, fittings and barrels. We invite you to contact our company by e-mail or phone and to place orders.