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PP agricultural twine for all presses

Agricultural twine

Manufacturer of PP agricultural twine for all presses

Agricultiural twine

High quality of our polypropylene baling twine twine is a result of many years of experience and usage of modern manufacturing solutions. Continuous researches operated in our laboratories show that our product is distinguished by: tensile strength, weight and length measured by computer, coil without knots, unwinding to the last turn.


We produce under the logo of well-known companies in the market.

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Twine m/kg Length Roll weigth Strength Quantity per pallet

1000 tex 1000  2000 m       2 kg            39 kg             504     
1350 tex 750 3000 m 4 kg 55 kg 240
2000 tex 500 2000 m 4 kg 78 kg 240
2500 tex
1600 m
98 kg

Our awards


The company has multiply won the gold medal award of the PoznaƄ International Fair for packaging.

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Certificate of quality