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waldgold producent siatki rolniczej

Industrial PP & PET fastening tapes

Assembly line for PET & PP tape

WALD-GOLD is a significant manufacturer on Polish market, producer of industrial packagings such as :, pp_and_pet_strapping Production of tape is realised thanks to introduction of modern computer software. The program is responsible for the repeatability of product and precision of measurements.

Agricultiural twine


Net wrap

Net wrap production line

Net wrap, produced by our company, is designed to bale the straw or hay. It is the best protection of garner from consequences of transport, storage and devastating weather conditions. Net wrap possesses the UV stabiliser (which protects the harvested material and the net from damaging effect of ultraviolet rays) and the anti-static agent preventing from the accumulation of electrostatic charges.

Goldnet wrapping net 


Calendar of fairs and events

Our awards


The company has multiply won the gold medal award of the Poznań International Fair for packaging.